Delivery Information

Engagement with Post Oak Labs begins with an initial phone call to assess at a high-level:

  • What the client currently does
  • What the client thinks it needs
  • What the client aims to solve or build

Based on this introductory assessment, the Post Oak Labs team constructs an engagement letter and designs a detailed statement of work.

In most cases, a three-month long and often longer, retainer is involved in executing the negotiated services.  This provides the client ample time to learn and benefit from the strengths that the Post Oak Labs team brings to the table.

Common requests include:

  • Strategic advice for the executive management team
  • Product and platform review
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Market landscape (SWOT) analysis
  • Identification of potential partners and competitors
  • Customization of external communication and messaging
  • Introductions to potential investors, law firms, and technical subject-matter experts

In a given engagement the services delivered frequently involves:

  • Conference calls and remote, online meetings
  • Attending events and conferences on behalf of clients
  • Written communications (including detailed presentations)

As part of the delivery process, Post Oak Labs often, with the clients permission, collaborates with several select law firms and technically-inclined dev shops (such as Elm Labs).  It is through this close network of cooperating organizations that a full spectrum of services catered to the client’s needs can be provided without the overhead of less nimble consultancies.

Refund Policy

If a client is not 100% satisfied with the service provided, they can request a refund for up to 45 days from the date the formal engagement began.  After which, there are no refunds.

Terms & Conditions

All client engagements formally begin with the execution of a services contract that specifically outlines the duration of the contract as well as the expected services provided (negotiated up front).  The services contract is very standard, similar to this general service agreement example.  Post Oak Labs is represented by Fenwick & West.  A draft consulting agreement is available upon request.

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