[Note: due to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, the news cycle was shorter than previous weeks]

  • A new academic comparison of various chains and consensus mechanisms can be found in the paper titled: “SoK: Consensus in the Age of Blockchains” (pdf).  Here is a short blog post explaining the paper’s findings.
  •  Bob Summerwill recently left ConsenSys (and EEA) and created his own startup.  This past week on Twitter he has been very candid about his prior employer, how much he made, etc. ($120k was the salary cap).
  •  U.S. Banks Launch Real-Time Payments System (CFO magazine): BNY Mellon and U.S. Bank using The Clearing House
  •  Short thread on specific projects from “mainstream companies” using the public Ethereum network
  •  ICO Token Purchasers May Be Entitled To A Refund from John Reed Stark, if you’re following ICOs, this was an interesting article from a former SEC attorney
  • How the CME (un)intentionally weighed in on chain splits by me; if you’re following the Bitcoin fork drama, this was my most recent post on the topic
  • Unrelated to the enterprise world: Coinbase now has over 200 employees.  And according to a former senior employee, they are concerned about Square offering buy/sell bitcoin functionality and expect Square to make inroads on Coinbase’s marketshare.

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